Lionsgate Launch Production Of ‘Warm Bodies’ Series Under Director Jonathan Levine | TV Series


Lionsgate just revealed their plan to develop a new TV series based on the Warm Bodies movie. They have signed a deal with acclaimed director Jonathan Levine (Long Shot), who has already directed and written the script for the 2013 film. The development of this series will be produced with Levine’s new company, Megamix.


The 2013 rom-com horror feature , which was released by Lionsgate, was adapted from the novel by Isaac Marion and grossed over $115 million at the worldwide box office. But this will not be their only collaboration, as Lionsgate will work with Megamix to develop a range of film and television projects.


Levine will run Megamix with former Lionsgate exec Gillian Bohrer, who worked with the helmer on Warm Bodies as well as other studio projects including the Twilight series, La La Land and Wonder. Bohrer spent 13 years as a studio executive at Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Fox 2000 pictures.


Levine Has a long history with Lionsgate as well as the Motion Picture Group president Nathan Kahane and chairman Joe Drake. Both of them have already teamed up with Levine on projects such as Levine’s breakout film 50/50 and the holiday comedy The Night Before.


“For over a decade, Lionsgate has been in business with Jonathan supporting his earliest work as a gifted writer and director and storyteller and releasing his films” said Kahane.


Adding “He is enormously talented and his movies are unique and refreshing and never derivative. Lionsgate has always been somewhat of an unofficial home for him and Megamix also represents a homecoming for Gillian Bohrer, a highly accomplished and respected production and creative executive. So for us, this deal is an irresistible one-two punch.”


“Lionsgate is the perfect home for Megamix, a studio to both my most successful and favorite movie making experiences.” said Levine.



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