Lionsgate Release Final Trailer For The Infamous ‘John Wick’ | Film Trailer


David Leitch’s upcoming action thriller John Wick is set to hit theatres next month, so it is only right that Lionsgate give us one last trailer that is bound to get our blood pumping. Starring Keanu Reeves as John Wick, the former hitman vows to take revenge on the gangsters that took everything from him. Oh and things spiral especially out of control when they murder his beloved dog, which was left to him after the death of his wife. This final trailer presents a thrill ride you will be dying to keep up with, and alongside that of his character John Wick, Reeves is also back in the game and looking cooler than ever.


Although the teaser is rather condensed, this short feature really articulates the fast nature of the movie. As John Wick finds out his dog has been murdered by a gangster clan, all hell breaks loose and his thirst for revenge is imperative. Multiple scenes showcase the manic and out of control attributes of his character, especially when he batters a concrete floor with a sledge hammer revealing a case load of guns and ammo; he is back. Every shot from then on is doused in action as John Wick takes out his anger on everyone in sight. The funky soundtrack, thrashes of fists and bullets imploding generate a symphony for the unstoppable John Wick. Hitting US cinemas on October 24, the film will also star Willem Dafoe, Adrianne Palicki and Bridget Moynahan.


People keep asking if I’m back. Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!




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