Lisa Marie Fernandez Claims Emily Ratajkowski Copied Two Of Her Swimsuits | Fashion News


For months, there have been rumors about a potential new Emily Ratajkowski swimwear collection called Inamorata Swim, until the confirmation on November 16, when the supermodel and actress shared a series of pictures of herself wearing the designs to all her 15.6 million followers on Instagram. Check it out:







The problem now is that Emily has been accused of plagiarism by the global luxury swimwear brand Lisa Marie Fernandez. The New York designer stated that the British model has copied two suits that, seeing the photos, show the same silhouette and cut of a her collection that she first released over three years ago. These two are, the triple bow Cardiff swimsuits and the off the shoulder Vulcan bikini top.


Because of the fame of the supermodel, the Inamorata Swim line is becoming quite popular internationally, and even if in the United States there isn’t copyright protection for physically functional items like clothes, Lisa Marie Fernandez has invoked two European Union Community Design Registration certificates that she registered in May 2015.


This allows her the exclusive rights to supply, import, export or deal in products incorporating the designs within the EU until 2020. She can then apply to extend her registration for a maximum of 25 years.


The brand has given Inamorata until 22 November to respond to her letter, before it starts legal proceedings.



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