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Disney’s MULAN Mulan (Yifei Liu) Photo: Stephen Tilley © 2018 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


The Mulan animated movie is turning 20 this year and what a better way to celebrate it at Disney than with the announcement of an upcoming movie version?


A real Mulan film has begun production, and the protagonist has been selected. The role of the bold heroine has given to Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei.


The first pictures have been revealed and she definitely looks fit for the part, giving a human touch to the fearless protagonist of the iconic cartoon epic everyone watched.


Casting directors saw nearly 1,000 candidates for the role across five continents before finding the film’s titular character, but according to first comments and premature photoshoots, they have chosen the right one.


It has been quite a challenging process, probably due to the skills requested to get the role. They were looking for actresses who are English speakers and trained in martial arts.


Liu is quite famous in China but has appeared primarily in Chinese productions with some American ones here and there.


Mulan will film in New Zealand and China and the scheduled release date is set to be March 27, 2020.


Directed by filmmaker Niki Caro, it is totally and faithfully based on the 1998 animated Disney product, which at the time, earned both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.


It will be absolutely lovely to re-enjoy such a classical but always dreamy story.



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