Liv Lovelle – Special | New Music


Following the immense support for her latest releases “Won’t Say Too Much” and “All That Matters“, which featured on different playlists across Spotify and Apple Music, the incredibly talented Liv Lovelle drops the incredible new single “Special“.


“Special” reflects a new sense of purpose and direction for Liv who elegantly combines her smoky R&B vocals with production carrying a contemporary pop signature at its essence. Simple with it’s composition, her vocals take to the foreground and effortlessly create a tranquil aura immersed within the song.


Determined not to be pigeon-holed, she has deftly absorbed the classic influences of her family’s record collection, be it 1960’s Motown, 70’s soul or 90’s R&B, and it definitely shows in the nuances of her art. From that melting pot Liv has conjured a sound that is transcendent, delicately forming her own futuristic pop style.




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