Lizzo – Boys | Music Video


Ressurecting from the ashes of a really long week is Lizzo‘s “Boys” music video. The Minnesota singer has unveiled her last single, following “Fitness” released in late March.


The hip hop singer bounces us up to the rhythm of an otherwise boring week and manages to bring a smile even to the most somber of us all.


The track is a classic club-dancing bop with the right attitude, that should awake the ‘gangsta’ inside every girl to walk the dance floor this summer. Starting off with a beat in the vein of the Timbaland‘s “SexyBack“, the first part of “Boys” provides the perfect sound for Lizzo’s badass rap and puns, with the singer listing down all the types of boys that she likes, while singing sardonically “baby I don’t need you/ I just want to freak you”.


Up until there, all good. We were nodding our head vigorously to Lizzo’s laugh out loud free fall, confident of what was to come. Then we get about two minutes in, and ‘boy’ we liked it. An unexpected guitar riff takes the centre stage and upheaves the song to golden status.


All of this, of course, accompanied by a music video that underpins Lizzo’s undeniable comedic talent and star presence that makes you wish she would turn to acting soon, without taking anything away from her music talent of course.


Watch the music video below:




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