Loïc Nottet Celebrates Halloween With Musical Short Film ‘Candy’ | Music News


A spooky Halloween special has landed from Belgian singer Loïc Nottet. His new EP called Candy is accompanied by 20-minute visuals choreographed, designed and helmed by the artist himself.


French Strictly Come Dancing winner and 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest finalist Loïc Nottet is giving fans a taste of his versatile artistic talents with the short film Candy released yesterday to mark this year’s Halloween.


The 20-minute-long clip follows the story of a psychotic clown pursuing a vile sorceress, who forced him to eat sweets throughout his childhood years. The revenge-thirsty protagonist is accompanied by a troupe of quirky and slightly spooky characters.


Loïc discovered his interest in musicals and childhood tales while watching the recent cinema hit Mary Poppins. The classic German story of Hansel and Gretel also influenced his creative process. “I’d watch the movie with the sound off and let the inspiration come from the imagery, the sets, the costumes and the characters”, the singer says.


In addition to his work on the music and choreography, Loïc also helped design the costumes for his latest creation. “It’s one of my favorite things to do so I really wanted to oversee the whole creative process, he reveals. I drew the original sketches, picked out the fabrics myself and brought it all to the workshop I’ve been working with since 2016 in Brussels.


They manufacture all of the costumes I wear on stage as well as the ones featured in my videos. I love working with them because they’re involved in social rehabilitation and supporting these kinds of causes is very important to me”.


Watch the short film Candy here:




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