London-Based Artist Noé Solange Drops New Single ‘Bound’ | Music News


London-based singer and producer Noé Solange has just released her new song “Bound”, the lead single taken from her debut EP of the same name.


The song glimmers with mournful synths, textured rhythms and the artist’s serene vocals, plunging the listener into her ethereal world. Through the use of hypnotic percussion, melancholic keys and layered synths, the single carries an eerie yet calming energy.


The chorus depicts escaping someone’s toxic nature, and the rhythmic backdrop of sinister synths and shards of silvery electronics depict a search for light amidst the darkness.


Born in The Netherlands, Noé Solange was raised around the world before settling in London. She is a multi-instrumentalist, who learnt to play the guitar, piano and violin at an early age. From her Dutch/Indonesian heritage and being raised around the world, the artist pulls cultural threads from her upbringing that she blends with electronic elements and harmonic vocals to create a rich tapestry of sounds.


According to the singer, the single “explores the topic of toxic infatuation, contemplation and freedom”.


Delving into downtempo electronica, Noé Solange has created an introspective body of work, offering the listener a fleeting moment of escapism, just like with “Bound”.


You can listen to the single right here:




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