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London creative singer Chisara Agor has collaborated with IXCHEL Collective for his new single “Forever”, which is part of a new double-release. Being globally conscious, our London artist is giving a lot to think about with this song.


The track sees Chisara’s mesmerizing voice, perfect harmony and a powerful chorus, sliding with a beautiful mix of sounds including West African percussion, jazz, hip hop, bossa nova, indie rock. The track is easy to listen to and all produced by Chisara herself along with Ebi Soda’s VVilhelm.


“Forever” takes on an isolated subject such as challenging systems of suppression and calling others to join the history of black movements. The song with its sentence: “We don’t have forever” is all about community and social action.


Chisara’s lyrics have been quite thought-provoking, inquisitive, and challenging but also giving, throughout her song, amazing positive energy to give people the energy needed to go with life and its struggles. Her music is here to make people feel empowered with a sense of hope and joy.


The London artist has a special music style, by putting together sounds of world-folk, contemporary jazz, indie, and art-pop, that brings out all of her influences including her Nigerian and Jamaican family roots, global languages, philosophy, and many more diverse influences.


Born and raised in Peckham in London, Chisara Agor has a lot of creativity when it comes to music and creating new sounds, new genres, and mixing them together. She is also interested in acting, art, and design. Her creativity comes from her knowledge of Philosophy, her music is a means of her making sense of and questioning the world around her which makes the listeners question too.


With this single out now, we are expecting to hear more later in the year with her upcoming EP Shadows And Searchlights. Chisara is making music that reflects our current times, making us question our daily lives, how can we become a better version of ourselves. An artist who will definitely make things better in the music industry and in the world.


Listen to “Forever” here:




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