London Newcomer Yaz León Shares New Single ‘Rinse At 30’ | Music News


West London based newcomer Yaz León has shared her honest single “Rinse At 30” with us. In the self produced Neo-Soul tune the singer is dealing with her Spanish-Iraqi identity and familial racial clashes.


Yaz León’s songwriting is essentially influenced by her heritage and iconic music legends as Erykah Badu, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. With her soulful music, which is slightly affected by Indie, R&B and Conscious Hip-Hop, the young artist already have gained attention by magazines as Dexterous Creators and Intersect.


In her songwriting León combines lyrical storytelling with topics of difficult conversations.”My personal life, my thoughts, my heritage, my home, are all wrapped up like a pretty gift. People only seem to listen when the information is presented in a way that appeals to them“ the artist explains.


In her brand new self produced debut single she questions her own identity, London and how to fit in. About the process behind the song León says that wrote the lyrics during a frustrating period in her life, so they seem to be very cynical at some points.


The whole composition ended up being more calm, because León was in a more neutral mindset while producing the song. “I can’t say I completely agree with *every* idea I put across, but it is honestly how I felt at the time” she says.


“Rinse At 30” is a soulful and sweet song with relaxed vibes that are paired with deep, honest songwriting and sarcastic references. León takes on humor to to emphasise points and deals in a creative way with issues around youth identity and familial racial clashes. Listen to the compelling track below.




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