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London-based singer RENÉ released a brand new single titled “Better U” earlier this month, along with a music video to boot. The single follows her 2020 releases “‘Uncharted Waters” and “Space In Between”, which have been a great hit. She now starts 2021 with a fresh new song.


The song has a great rhythm, a rhythm that will make you want to dance and sing on it! With a 2000s R&B touch to it, the single really combines different styles. We can also hear some dark electronic vibes to this track which adds more dimension to it.


The music video for this song, which was directed by Caroline Hajny is as interesting as the lyrics. Regarding the lyrics and the story behind it, the track is about being confident but at the same time being cautious. With her singular voice, she captives our attention on that love story.


As RENÉ explains: “I think on the surface the song gives an air of confidence, knowing your worth, with a hint of self-importance. But delving deeper reveals this might be more of a defence mechanism and despite not being ‘bitter baby’“.


And in the chorus, she sings: “I’m not bitter baby / I have been thinking bout’ us / No regrets of how I’m letting it go/ I have had enough“, so clearly regrets and going back in the past would be a mistake.


The London-based singer has always had music around her growing up. The love for R&B, soul and hip-hop music has made her who she is today as an artist. She knows how to use these styles in her songs to make it slide in our ears.


This singer has real potential, she is definitely an artist to look out for, as she continues to come out with great visuals for most of her singles. She has already good fan support as well as support from the likes of COLORS, V Magazine, Hunger Magazine, and many more that are by her side.


Watch the music video for “Better U” here:




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