London Soul Singer Chinwe Releases New Single ‘Broken Glass’ | Music News


British singer and songwriter Chinwe has just dropped her brand-new single “Broken Glass”. The soul track has been released via the label Sundae Sauuce and distributed by Label Engine / Create Music Group.


“Broken Glass” was produced by David Blazer, and showcases the singer’s soulful and beautiful voice. This combination allows Chinwe to create a very unique sound, and makes the song very emotional.


The song is the artist’s fifth release, after four other singles. Her debut single was released in 2019, and she has since released three other singles before this one, all in 2020.


Chinwe is an East London native artist, singer-songwriter and producer. Born to a Nigerian father and a Jamaican mother, she was exposed to a wide range of music from an early age. After several years of taking classical violin lessons, she switched to guitar which is an instrument she taught herself. She then learnt to produce, which is now another outlet for her creativity.


Talking about what she wants to achieve through her music, Chinwe states: “I want the listener to escape with me and come on a journey to a happier time and place”. We don’t know about you, but for us it’s a success.


Having heard what Chinwe is capable of with this track and her previous four releases, we can only say we’re just waiting for an EP or a full-length project.


Until then, you can listen to the track here:




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