‘Lone Wolf And Cub’ Adaptation Lands ‘Se7en’ Writer Andrew Kevin Walker | Film News

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‘Lone Wolf And Cub’ Adaptation Lands ‘Se7en’ Writer Andrew Kevin Walker | Film News


The Lone Wolf And Cub remake has finally landed a writer after hanging around in development hell, or something close to it, for a while. Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) has signed on to write the adaptation of writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima‘s 1970 manga series for Paramount.


The original story revolves around a disgraced executioner and his son as they wander the countryside as ronin, seeking revenge on those that murdered them. Adding up to nearly 9,000 pages, the manga has already been adapted into a series of six live-action Japanese films and and two TV series. Paramount has tasked Walker with cramming all that content into a single film.


The project was set up approximately 15 years ago with Darren Aronofsky showing interest, but the film will now be produced by Justin Lin and Steven Paul. There’s no one currently occupying the director’s chair, but Lin reportedly still has his eye on potentially directing the film.


Walker, a frequent collaborator with David Fincher, has proven to be more than adept at crafting (very) dark tales, as well as knowing his way around revenge stories, so this is a perfect fit. It will be interesting to see how Paramount adapts what’s inherently a very Japanese story for American shores, especially after the controversial adaptation of Ghost In The Shell.



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