Long Island Songstress Ashley Myles Releases Title Track From Upcoming ‘Tides’ EP

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Introducing Long Island singer and songwriter Ashley Myles with her new single titled “Tides”, which is the lead single and title track for her upcoming 4-track debut EP of the same name that comes out in March. Describing the single, Ashley says, “‘Tides’ explores how even with the will to move on from conflict and repair a relationship, there isn’t always a way“.

The single and the rest of the EP sees Ashley collaborating with Los Angeles producer Rob Kleiner, whose previous credits include working with Kylie Minogue and CeeLo Green. With his help, Ashely has transformed her songs into forces of nature.

On her Tides EP, Ashley is singing about tides, fires, and storms — all phenomena that could describe her voice. Her powerhouse vocals are tsunamis and fireworks and hurricanes, but they’re also wading pools and sparks and squalls. Within her power, she channels the obstacles that made her that way.

Title track “Tides” is influenced by Ashley’s background in musical theatre and performance art, as well as her penchant for storytelling. The song is about is about the cyclical nature of relationships, and as Ashley puts it, “They ebb and flow, but ultimately we revisit similar themes in the various relationships we may have, whether that be with family, friends, or romantic partners“.

She adds that, “We often vow not to repeat the same issues that did not serve us well, and yet so often we get stuck in a pattern of doing just that. ‘Tides’ explores how even with the will to move on from conflict and repair a relationship, sometimes there isn’t always a way”.

Listen to “Tides” below:


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