“Look At Us” – T.I. Addresses The Ferguson Protests | Music News


T.I. is known for venting his thoughts on social media, but this time the rapper has taken to Instagram to address a more serious topic; the protests happening in Ferguson, Missouri, post the fatal shooting of Mike Brown. Underneath a picture of a man about to throw a petrol bomb, T.I.’s caption begins with the line, “Look at us… America has created a monster“. But T.I. isn’t putting the protesters of Ferguson down, his caption explains (in quite a poetic way) why he thinks African-Americans have reached this boiling point in the first place.


Highlighting the historic racial tensions that have affected black people in the US, the “No Mediocre” rapper’s message to people seems to be that something needs to change, and these protests are an example of that. T.I isn’t the first to speak about the news that has surrounded Mike Brown/Ferguson. Rapper and Missouri native Nelly has also spoken out and reportedly joined the protests. So is T.I. right? Are these protests both the result and the start of something bigger? Take a look at his Instagram post below and see what you think.




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