Lorde To Begin Work On Second Album In March | Music News


Lorde recently spoke about the prospect of a second album at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. She explained that as part of her writing process, she has to write an album lyrically before writing it musically. She alluded to having written at least some material for this second album ‘lyrically’ and suggested musical work would start very soon. Now, Lorde’s producer and co-writer, Joel Little (previously of Goodnight Nurse), has announced that he and Lorde will begin work on the new album within the next month.


Pure Heroine will be hard to follow but considering Little’s work with brother and sister duo Broods, he seems to have a lot of ideas up his sleeve. Evergreen, Broods’ debut album, was released a year after Pure Heroine and the albums are largely of the same ilk. Little seems full of production ideas especially for his deconstructed house inspired approach. Little has said there is no clear plan for this album which echoed Lorde’s comments about having ‘no timeline’. Lorde was signed in her early teens and was allowed years to develop. There was no pressure to rush the first album and there seems to be no pressure to rush the next; the two are in an unique situation with their label.



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