Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat | New Music


Lorde is back today with a new track titled “Yellow Flicker Beat”, taken from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. The song’s harmony is quite complex, and at times it sounds exotic. Lorde starts by singing the song alone, accompanied by a pedal vocal note, and at first, it sounds like a kind of meditation. Her voice is so special, and it helps to give this song a meditating sensation.


Progressively, different sounds just add to Lorde’s voice, including drums and an electronic chorus which ends with Lorde singing with two voices. At the refrain, strong electronic melodies play below the two voices singing in octave, these electronic sounds carry on throughout the song in a calmer way except when the refrain comes again. The track ends with a little brush-stroke of the pedal vocal note from the first half of the song. Enjoy Lorde´s “Yellow Flicker Beat” below.




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