Lordkez Drops Spiritual New Single ‘Find Me In The Trees’ | Music News


Find Me In The Trees” is the brand new single from R&B artist lordkez which follows up on her latest success “Rain”. The spiritual song is a further insight into her upcoming EP Charcotta, due to come out on the 25th of September.


lordkez, aka Keziah, taught herself to play the keys and strum the guitar by ear when she was only a teenager. While being in Abu Dhabi’s international school Keziah discovered her passion for a career as musician, wrote her first song and the project lordkez was born.


“Find Me In The Trees” is a relaxed and dreamy ode to the peace lordkez is finding in the nature. The 90s R&B inspired tune about her escaping from the modern life comes with enchanting beats and takes the listeners on a journey, far away from the daily problems.


I was living in a place that had a garden that looked like a jungle, it was so green and so full of trees. When I would feel anxious or challenged, I would sit outside on the grass for hours, alone with my thoughts and all the trees”, lordkez says about the vibing track.


I remember the day I wrote this song, I was looking for my peace in life and the best way for me to articulate where that peace exists was ‘in the trees’. I finished this song in one studio session, because it all came pouring out of me, it was such a mental release”, she explains even further about the process behind that single.


Listen to this homage to nature below!




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