Los Angeles Producer Harmonee Unveils Driving New Single ‘Jupiter’ | Music News


Fasten your seatbelts and aboard the spaceship that will bring you on a journey through the universe as you listen to the debut single “Jupiter” from Harmonee, the musical project created by Neel Erickson.


With the idea of creating a community sharing the passion for music and delivering messages of inclusivity and connection, Los Angeles based producer Neel Erickson started the Harmonee Project in 2019, even though his love for music has been part of his life since a young age.


Jupiter” is Harmonee’s debut single and was inspired during a camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park, where the artist found himself surrounded by trees and stars. Feeling far away from humanity, nature around him profoundly inspired his newest work.


In this fresh electro-pop track, we are thrown into the future year 2060, when humanity needs to go searching for a new home as Earth is not big enough to host the grown human population anymore. The listener will identify with the space explorer who initially feels lonely but eventually finds out that his doubts and fears are just inside his head.


Combining electronic beats, nostalgic synths and intense vocals, Harmonee created an ethereal soundscape that accompanies us on a journey in search of a new world, while exploring fresh musical sounds. Take a dive into the unknown as you listen to this pulsating new track.


Listen to “Jupiter” here:




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