Los Angeles Singer Trip Carter Releases New Single ‘Heavyweight’ | Music News


Young Los Angeles singer Trip Carter has just released a brand new song titled “Heavyweight”. With a fresh drum and electric guitar sounds, his voice just slides perfectly onto the song.


The vibe of the song gives off quite a summer-like feeling, the jazzy vocals, the bass lines, addictive handclaps, and entrancing guitar brings you to another mood and makes you want to dance and be with loved ones. “Heavyweight” will make you space out your daily life just for 2 minutes, the time to soak in the right energy.


Regarding the lyrics, the song is all about the importance of having a good support team – one that can bear your burdens with you and lift you up in your darkest moments. So it’s a happy vibe with honest lyrics, and especially in these times, getting some weight is the best thing to do.


His song is really for the current situation, as Trip Carter describes: “I wrote this song in the midst of pandemic madness. Quarantine seemed like it was gonna go on forever and it was starting to weigh heavily on my mental state. I truly would’ve gone crazy if it weren’t for my loved ones holding me down. ‘Heavyweight’ is about just that“.


He continues on explaining the track by giving an homage to the ‘ride or dies’, these people that will never let you down in any situation so family, friends, your loved ones. Thanks to them, some weight can be taking off and that is how Carter described ‘love’.


The singer, rapper, & bassist has been performing as a touring and freelance musician over the last few years. As well as being a founding member of Sabrina Claudio‘s band, he has additionally established himself as a songwriter and producer.


With his skills, he developed his sound and connected with his now frequent collaborator Blue Rondo, and created his own brand of alternative hip hop.


Having already released several EPs, mixtapes, and albums under his belt, his last EP Mirage from 2018, garnered praise from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, Elevator Magazine, and several others. And he is soon coming with a brand new EP but we will have to wait a bit for that to come out.


Listen to “Heavyweight” here:




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