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“The Western Shore” is a song from the album How To Travel Through Time which marks a new musical debut for Canadian singer-songwriter Louderman. How the name of the album may suggest, it is an invitation to take part in a journey through the artist’s life. Each song aims to build an “audio map or geography of Louderman’s life through the years“.


Louderman’s musical journey began when he decided to move to London to start a musical career, signing to CBS songs and going on tour with bands of the caliber of Tears For Fears and Suede. More than ten years have passed since that period, at the end of which his passion for music awoke unexpectedly. How To Travel Through Time is the resulting material of this time frame.


Moreover, he is now coming to terms with his life, retracing his past hopes and new dreams, as well as his disappointments and bad decisions. For the single “The Western Shore” he took inspiration from his personal life path. The western shore is the first step, where the journey begins.


His delicate voice sings on a classical guitar, following the sound of ocean waves approaching a distant shore. He is reviewing all his memories without leaving anything behind, not even the most unpleasant ones. Behind the melancholic sound, there is a hidden hope for the future, which can still hold memories that one day will be remembered with pleasure.


Louderman is now planning a tour in 2020 to promote his personal album.


Listen to “The Western Shore” below:




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