Love Ssega – Crazy Deluded | Music Video

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Love Ssega – Crazy Deluded | Music Video


Love – one of the most popular abstract concepts; feel-good hormones combine to make us experience something that sometimes may not be real. That’s when love can spawn delusion – the absolute belief that something false is true. This idea is explored wonderfully in Love Ssega‘s new music video for “Crazy Deluded” (loving the clever double-meaning).


In this video, the British musician frolics, embraces, and gives piggybacks to someone who may not actually exist. The set-up of the piece has Ssega’s beautiful partner pop in and out of the video like a glitch in a video game, there one minute and gone the next.


Who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t? This is especially true with the concluding scene; it only lasts a couple of seconds, but ends up putting the video’s entire legitimacy into question.


The bright colours, carefree attitude, and up-tempo beat garner a cheery feel despite the subject matter, and it really is worth a watch below:




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