Lovestarrs – Get Your Sexy On | Music Video



Newly re-launched Lovestarrs consists of Sarah McIntosh (vocals) and her brother Hamish (bass and synths). They have returned with a release off their debut album in the form of lead single “Get Your Sexy On” which is due for release on June 3. The electronic outfit, formerly known as The Good Natured whilst signed to Parlophone/EMI, return with their “unique brand of unashamed electro-pop”. Thanks to their fans via a successful Kickstarter campaign, they funded their forthcoming LP Planet Lovestarr which is due to drop in August 2016.


The Guardian commented: “What do you do when your old label drops you and keeps your album? Put a wig on, change your name and make a big pop song.” Newly signed to their independent label DEFDISCO, the sibling pair are ready for a fresh start in the music industry. In the band’s own words, the track is “about plucking up the courage to make your first move on someone”. The press release continues: “aptly demonstrated in the equally motivating accompanying video. Set in an era that echoes 90s bubblegum pop in the most delightful way, the plot sees the duo playing cupid to three awkward couples and culminates in Sarah finding her own romance during a house party”.




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