LSD – Thunderclouds | Music Video


Ahead of the release of their first collaborative album, trio LSD has surprised once again with another very good single, now accompanied by the official video. After “Genius” and the psychedelic “Audio“, now they have just dropped the fresh “Thunderclouds“.


A snippet was been shared by Sia on her socials on August 6 and a few days after they shared the entire version. The video has just arrived and is the usual creative crazy clip that makes you want to watch it until the end.


Of course, as always, Sia is present only through her unmistakable voice, and better personified by the same style dancer with the iconic bob and funny moves. Here, the girl has a half pink and half yellow hairstyle and a big ribbon on her head.


This time, we see Diplo riding a van in a colourful sky, with the girl dancing on the top of it and Labrinth singing in the clouds. The vehicle breaks down and they stop to fix it, while the girl falls in love with a cloud.


The clip seems like a cross between The Wizard Of Oz and a fairy tale, but the interpretation is very free. LSD is a collaborative project comprising of English musician Labrinth, Australian singer Sia and American music producer Diplo. They have seen laudable success while always offering melodic tracks and enjoyable videos.


Watch the new one below!




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