Luci Monét – Testify | Music Video

Luci Monet


East London songstress, Luci Monét, is back in the eyes of the music listening public with a video for her song, “Testify”. “Testify” is available to buy, stream and preview on iTunes for our collective listening pleasure.


The track itself shimmers and is very sensual, her vocals punctuated with clicking of fingers and bottomless bass. When the bass refrains, the backdrop is airy and ethereal, almost spiritual. It really builds, again, before reverting to that most relaxing beat.


The video, directed by Eric Myers, opens somewhat like a badass rap posse clip, with the girls on the back of their lads’ motorbikes. One clue that the proceedings will not continue in that manner is the fact that that particular bit is shot in black and white, unlike the rest of the video. The subsequent colour scheme is brighter, though very earthy, with sexy visuals.




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