Lucky Magazine Reduced To Quarterly Publication, Lays Off Key Staff | Fashion News


Lucky Magazine is reducing the publishing frequency of its print issues to four times a year, and its president, Gillian Gorman Round was let go, along with staff from advertising, editorial, including a market editor, junior accessories editor and managers for copy, research and production.


Josh Berman, CEO of The Lucky Group, told Adweek, the May issue will be Lucky’s last in the old format until a new edition in September, which we all know is one of the most important and with the highest expectations issues in every magazine, revealing the latest trends for next year and the newest campaigns.


The company will, of course, continue its website. A merger with another company or an acquisition is expected soon in the summer. Meanwhile, I think the editorial world is in crisis and a bit contaminated by e-commerce, which I don’t think is a bad thing ordinarily, but we have to face up to something – why would we buy magazines if we can have the same information online for free, but why would I read that information if everywhere on the internet is trying to sell me everything it can?




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