Luke Evans Still Attached To ‘The Crow’ Remake, Shooting To Start Next Year | Film News


Back in 1994, Brandon Lee donned leather trousers and heavy, black eye-liner to play vengeful, once murdered man, who comes back to life to reek havoc on those who brutally killed him and his fiancee. The movie, directed by Alex Proyas, became a huge cult classic with a fiercely protective fan-base, especially since Lee tragically died of an accidental gunshot during The Crow filming.


Now it seems the remake will be happening sooner than anticipated, with filming set to start as early as next year. Producer Ed Pressman is keen to get this mixed-received remake up and running. Is this perhaps because the rumors that Dracula Untold’s Luke Evans is attached to the film are true? It certainly would boost the movies rep with Evans becoming a dark horse in this year’s leading man department.


The Crow’s reputation for being a cult classic is often thought to be superficial, due to the tragic loss of Brandon Lee at the time but does that mean we really need a remake? The general premise is actually really cool and dark, but is today’s modern audience ready for a brooding, leather-clad antihero in a setting like this? I’m not so sure.



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