Lyys – Darling Enemy | Music Video

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Lyys – Darling Enemy | Music Video


Lyys is a young London based artist who is working on her debut EP, she has just released the music video for her new single titled “Enemy Darling”. Enemy Darling is also the title of the songwriter’s debut EP out on September 29. Lyys had written and recorded the EP in her home studio in South London.


The music video for the title track taken from the upcoming EP is inspired by the French mute cinema. The artist chose to publish the black and white video to focus the audience’s attention on the details, the face expressions of the actors are the real stars of the video.


“Enemy Darling” is a very interesting dream-pop song. The sweet and warm voice of Lyys is accompanied by tremulous lead-guitar jangling. The melancholy and dreamy melody of the song blends perfectly with the lyrics and the video.


Speaking about the track, she said: “The song is about the tussle between love and hate in a relationship and how all of a sudden your ally can feel like your worst enemy; The EP’S song and sound were inspired by the likes of Cocteau Twins and early Madonna mixed with Camera Obscura”


While you are waiting for her debut EP, watch the music video for “Enemy Darling” below




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