M.I.A. Is Handing In Her ‘Last LP’ | Music News



M.I.A. is no stranger to speaking her mind, and sometimes her actions have taken the world by surprise (The Super Bowl incident, for one). However, even this is a shock, or is it?


M.I.A. has announced she’s handed in her final album to her American label, stating it’s up to them if they want to release it. Furthermore, she says she doesn’t have a visa, so she cannot promote the album in the USA. M.I.A. has had a rocky relationship with her record label and America for the last few years, and it’d be a shame that her new album, and potentially final album would go unreleased.


During the Matangi cycle, M.I.A. hinted it may well be her last, due to label politics and the constant delays. However, recently she’s seemed back on top, releasing the highly controversial and impactful video for “Borders” alongside “Swords”. Let’s hope this isn’t M.I.A’s final album, see the announcement here.





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