MAB – Say Hello To Rock & Roll | New Music

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MAB – Say Hello To Rock & Roll | New Music


The up and coming group MAB has just released their highly anticipated single “Say Hello to Rock & Roll”, off their upcoming EP A World Beyond Our Own. This fast-paced new wave rock tune has exciting energy that combines an old-school sound with a modern twist.


This Pop Rock, Indie Pop band is composed of Michael Stein, Alex Katz and Jon Berry. And this is their story.


The band weren’t friend at school, and in fact they don’t really understand how they teamed up. The only explanation would be to create. Creation is in the heart of this band which focused as well on music, writing or animation. And, in a lovely way they said they want to share with the world : “the oxygen we breathe“. Their greatest inspiration os to create and connect with people across the globe.


And we can feel it, MAB doesn’t create music as a project of vanity, instead, they create unique music from their own world. It’s a kind of Future Pop with Rock & Roll vibes and Electro.


One of the member, Jon Berry said: “The climb to success is much like climbing a mountain. The higher you get, the steeper the terrain, the stronger the winds, the more exposed you are. If you’re climbing for the wrong reasons, you won’t last. But if you’re climbing for truth, you’ll find the weather on your side. Take it from a man living in his mother’s basement, writing music and creating insect-based worlds for hypothetical compensation“.


And with their latest single, and upcoming EP, we hope everybody will be reunited with their music.


Listen to “Say Hello To Rock & Roll” below:




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