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It’s time to suppress the rage that our favourite imperator channelled oh so well. Yes, it is true that Charlize Theron, who played Furiosa in this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road, could not be returning for the anticipated sequel. Director George Miller explained to Digital Spy that he was still unsure about Furiosa’s return.


In the two sequels that he has penned, Theron’s character only features briefly, not playing as huge a role as she did in Fury Road. Whilst he did indicate that there is one (only one!) interaction between Max and Furiosa in the sequel, Miller explained that he could not say any more as it was all still in progress. Fingers crossed that we progress towards more Furiosa!


It turns out that Mad Max: Wasteland may not be the sequel’s official title as previously indicated. Miller said that it was just a working title, and that there are still discussions to be had about the sequels before any solid decisions are made. Nonetheless, he was very insistent that his next film would be “very small without any special effects”, so we may just have to wait a little while longer for that Mad Max sequel.



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