‘Made In Chelsea: LA’ Episode 2 – Are Feet Like A Big Attraction Over Here? | TV Review


This week’s episode of Made In Chelsea: LA, ‘Are Feet Like A Big Attraction Over Here?’ is quite disappointing if I’m honest, and in places, incredibly cringe worthy and repetitive. As per usual, the episode opens with drama, and Jamie is at the heart of it, gossiping about Binky’s most recent drunken outrage, when JP spoke to another girl in a club.


The LA crew then spend the rest of the episode discussing what will become of them. Lucy’s blunt advise speaks a lot of truth to this episode when she says, “jealousy and alcohol are possibly the worst combination“, which I’m sure we can all relate to. The love struck couple speak at the end of the episode and in my opinion, Binky just messes it up completely. JP’s sitting their with his gorgeous cheekbones, voluminous hair, and adorable words of affection and she is not having any of it, placing him back in the friend zone. You fool.


Jamie’s confidence and nativity is on form – craving attention from Jess but also going on the “best date of my life” with Naz, proves complicated after he declared that Jess could not date anyone whilst he has his thumbs in many pies. How typical. The episode sees him launching himself into a relationship with Naz after one date and apologizing for his hypocrisy with Jess; a multitude of new experiences for Jamie. However, the ‘Next time’ preview at the end of the episode already shows him admitting to Naz that he cheated on her, supporting my belief that he is the new Spencer Matthews.


Gabs also returns from the earlier series still singing, and still annoying as ever, offering very little to the episode in terms of action and conversation. The LA life has seemed to literally go to her head as she has died her hair a grey-blue and oh god… she looks like a witch. I pray that this episode does not include any of her singing. Otherwise, with her singing and Steph’s whining, I will end up ripping my ears out.


The episode also features the shock break up of the series between Josh and Steph – not so shocking if you follow their Instagram though. As Steph says, Josh got to LA and checked out of the relationship and the cast basically spent the rest of the episode pining over the recent break up; Josh, cool as a cucumber and clearly very set in his decision, whilst Steph cries into a magenta with gal pals Lucy and Jess.


There is potential love blossoming between Olivia, Mark Francis’ newly found cultured friend, and JP the hunk, however I am not sure I like her at all. Her version of flirting and creating common interests with herself and JP involves bragging about how ‘zen’ and in touch with the natural world she is – oh please, give me strength. I know the rest of the cast only talk about gossip and the latest frappachino trend, but her so called purity and tree hugging attitude just comes across as pretentious and insincere. Maybe I am slightly biased and rooting for Binky and JP though…


It seems this is an episode of endings and break ups, with Jamie already messing up his week long relationship, Binky’s decision not to pursue JP, and Josh and Steph coming to a detrimental explosion. One of the only good bits about this week’s episode is that it begins on the beach with most of the male cast topless. Funnily enough I am not complaining about the excessive amount of nudity already… not complaining at all. Sadly, JP’s abs were not enough to rescue this episode… try again next week Made In Chelsea.



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