Madge + Orrin – Blueblood | New Music

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Madge + Orrin – Blueblood | New Music


LA-based musician Madge has released her new single “Blueblood” featuring progressive Brooklyn rapper Orrin via 22TWENTY.


Cat Leavy (a.k.a. Madge) is a musician and producer who was raised in Utah as a Mormon and received an education in classical music. “I’ve written songs my whole life. You can find my journals from when I was like five and I have songs about mice and pirates and vegetables”, she said last year during an interview.


Madge is the one-woman DIY-alt-pop project created by Cat Leavy. Madge is the power-punching, self-produced artist whose music is a singular and audacious pop futurist vision inspired by Celtic mythology, witchcraft and contemporary spirituality.


Following the success of her debut single “Fight or Fight Club”, which she described as “saccharine assault music”, Madge has released her latest track “Blueblood”, a hip-hop/house banger blended with some PC-music-pop vibes.


Featuring future-forward verses from the progressive US rapper Orrin, Madge will read your tarot cards on this alternative pop hit, an anthem for all musical and societal outcasts.


Madge and Orrin’s relationship started thanks to social media, and besides their amazing music collaboration, they have also teamed up with the fashion-forward up-cycling brand Official Rebrand to release a forthcoming capsule clothing collection!


Listen to their amazing new track below.




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