Madlib Says Beat For ‘No More Parties In LA’ Was Made On An Ipad | Music News



Legendary producer Madlib revealed his “No More Parties In LA” beat was produced on an Ipad in an hour long lecture with Red Bull Music Academy, where they played the track to him and talked about it. The track uses “Give Me My Love” by Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson and a loop of Junie Morrison’s “Suzie Thundertussy.”, about which he said “I just wanted to leave it the same, dudes get mad, ‘That dude just looped that shit up…That’s my sound, I’m a loop digger so I just wanted to leave it like that and make it dirtier than it was.”, and later in the interview mentions “Actually, that beat was made on an iPad“, much to the interviewer’s surprise.


Madlib also mentions that a lot of his unused beats has passed onto Freddie Gibbs project Bandana, announced by Madlib and Gibbs in May, joking “Kanye waited too long.“. Madlib also talks about their relationship as artists, saying “Gibbs is a good rapper, there isn’t more to it.


The No More Parties In LA talk starts about 21 minutes in.




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