Maggie Rogers – Give A Little | Music Video


Step aside Avril Lavigne, there is a new skater girl in town. Maggie Rogers, the young singer from Maryland, who managed to leave Pharrell William speechless during a Master Class at New York University, has dropped the music video for her new single “Give A Little“.


The music video for this synth-pop infectious offering sees Maggie dancing out to the rhythm of the song with her girlfriends, as they skate in an empty pool, and then they hit the road on their skates. With a special cameo from Riverdale‘s Camilla Mendez, a friend of Rogers from college, the singer seems to have achieved the superstar status.


Fresh off her first release with the 2017 EP Now That the Light Is Fading, Rogers is gearing up to release her full debut album, and if “Give A Little” is just a small hint of what it will sound like, we can expect great things from it.


A singer and songwriter, Rogers can also play several instruments including the banjo, heavily featured in her previous releases. “Give A Little”, though, seems to leaning more towards indie-pop, with Maggie upheaving the song with her beautiful vocals.


After touring with Haim, the singer will hit England, with a stint in Reading, Leeds and, ultimately, London.


Watch the video here:




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