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Yes, you read that correctly. A movie based on the Magic 8 Ball, the fortune-telling toy, is in the works. Blumhouse are teaming with Mattel Productions for the film. Jeff Wadlow (Fantasy Island) is attached to direct, with Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach collaborating with him on the script.


The Magic 8 Ball dates back to the 1950s, and contains a white 20-sided die floating in blue liquid. A brief message exists on each side of the die, and when the ball is shaken after a yes-no question, askers get their answer.


To prove this isn’t just an example of current Hollywood completely giving up on original ideas in favour of IP that has even the tiniest sliver of cultural relevance, a Magic 8 Ball movie has been attempted since 2006. Universal tried to get it rolling then with Tom Shadyac attached, before Paramount took a turn at the project in 2010.


Although the idea is eye-rollingly lazy, Wadlow might be the best man to direct. He’s already helmed another Blumhouse film based on the thinnest of games with the horror Truth Or Dare. It wasn’t received well, but did gross $95 million from just a $3 million budget. Those kinds of projects will always get you another job in Hollywood.


Trying to keep a straight face when discussing a film based on a ball, Robbie Brenner, head of Mattel Films stated: “There are no partners better suited to tell the Magic 8 Ball story in collaboration with Mattel Films than Jeff Wadlow and Blumhouse Productions, whose unique approach to the thriller genre has captivated audiences worldwide and has gained widespread accolades”.


Mattel Films are also developing movies based on Barbie, Hot Wheels, Masters Of The Universe, and more. The latter already has a 2021 release date planned, with Noah Centineo playing the lead. All of these projects have likely spawned thanks to the decade-long success of Hasbro’s Transformers franchise.


Blumhouse is a good studio behind films such as Get Out and BlacKkKlansman. If anyone can make something out of this, it’s them. Either expect something very tongue-in-cheek, or used in a horror way such as Truth Or Dare. And despite many people’s misgivings over a film based on a ball, when asking said ball whether the film adaptation will be profitable, signs point to yes.



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