Maika Monroe, Karl Glusman And Burn Gorman To Star In New Thriller ‘Watcher’ | Film News

Maika Monroe


The cast of director Chloe Okuno‘s new thriller Watcher has just been announced, and it will be led by Maika Monroe, alongside Karl Glusman and Burn Gorman.


The psychological thriller will start shooting this month in Romania, and the plot follows a young married couple, Julia played by Monroe, and Francis played by Glusman, who move into a flat in Bucharest.


However, their move takes place at the same time as when a serial killer is rampaging through the city. The protagonist Julia, who feels lonely and isolated in her new environment, has the constant feeling that someone is stalking her.


These actors are thus in a wheelhouse that they are comfortable in, given their previous roles. Indeed, Maika Monroe excelled in the horror thriller It Follows, as did Karl Glusman in Nocturnal Animals. However, this will be a first for Burn Gorman, known for his roles in Enola Holmes and Game of Thrones.


The thriller is based on a script written by Zack Ford and is produced by Steven Schneider and Roy Lee, creators of the low-budget genre film label Spooky Pictures, along with Derek Dauchy, John Finemore, Mason Novick, Aaron Kaplan andSean Perrone.


As for the release date of this project, it has not yet been revealed.



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