MAINE – Eenie Miney Moe | New Music


West London rapper, MAINE, has unleashed his newest single, “Eenie Minie Moe”, produced by himself and Kazebeats, who also produced his smash hit “Hitta”, which received a phenomenal amount of support and coverage from many local and national music platforms.


“Eenie Minie Moe” premiered on Westside Radio 89.6FM on The Get Up Show with Myles McCaulskey. It connotes Maine’s experience with a female interest who never quite noticed the kid, but now wants a spot in his light as he is on the come up.


We establish this through his lyrics, “Remember when I told you girl, better catch me before they all do girl, ‘cos now your playing Eenie Minie Moe, tryna catch a rapper before he blow like”.




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