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With Game of Thrones set to return this April for a sixth series, many fans have been speculating over how long the fantasy drama will actually continue. However, according to Maisie Williams and Liam Cunningham – who play characters Arya Stark and Davos Seaworth, the popular show will not carry on far past its sixth series in order to prevent it from going stale.


Speaking to HBO, Cunningham explained that although finishing the show will be upsetting, it will be for the correct reasons: “If you ask HBO accountants, they’d like another 50 seasons! But it’s not going to go on much longer. It will be appalling when it ends, but it’s right”.


Co-star Williams also weighed in, revealing that despite the shows fantastic success, HBO have always known when the show will eventually end: “From the start they’ve always known there’s going to be an end. At the beginning we didn’t allow ourselves to get too excited and then it was really successful and we started to believe we could tell this whole story. They always set out knowing where the end was”.


She continued, describing the importance of knowing where to stop before a show goes stale: “I think people need to know when to stop. Sometimes people do things to death. If you were to get greedy and do more and more, you would never have the series that we have at the moment. It’s been our lives for so long, but I’m really glad that everyone has made the decision to end the story”.


See Game of Thrones return in the US on Sunday, 24 April on HBO and in the UK on Monday, 25 April on Sky Atlantic. Watch a teaser trailer below:




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