Maisie Williams Rules Out ‘Doctor Who’ Return | TV News

Maisie Williams


Sorry guys, but it looks like Maisie Williams has no intention of returning to Doctor Who… Starring as the immortal Ashildr, Williams featured alongside twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and his companion Clara Oswald – played by Jenna Coleman for four episodes of the show’s ninth series; making her last appearance in the finale Hell Bent where she and Clara left to travel the universe in their own TARDIS.


Speaking in an interview, Williams confirmed the news by saying: “I’m not going to be working on Doctor Who again” before explaining that she has a lot of exciting upcoming projects: “Everyone’s hyping about it, which is very exciting, but I guess that’s more of a publicity thing. But no, I’m not going to return, I have a lot of other really exciting projects lined up instead”.


With Williams now ruled out as a possible contender to replace Clara, who could the new companion possibly be?



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