Maisie Williams To Star In Apple TV+ War Series ‘The New Look’

Maisie Williams is having a good week. It was already announced that she’s signed on to star alongside Freddie Highmore in Sinner V. Saints, a crime drama based on a bizarre true story, and now she’s secured another major role. This one is a key supporting role in The New Look, a new WWII drama series in development at Apple TV+.

Juliette Binoche and Ben Mendelsohn have already been cast in what is being described as a wartime-fashion project. It focuses on the changing tides in the fashion world as Coco Chanel begins her fall from the top and finds herself replaced by Christian Dior during WWII’s Nazi Occupation of Paris.

While Dior inspired many, continuing to design new looks and hoping to keep some light in the world, it was really his younger sister Catherine who has the war-hero story. That’s who Williams will be playing; a woman who fought alongside the French Resistance only to be caught by the Nazi’s Gestapo and shipped off to a concentration camp.

Catherine was liberated in 1945, but was understandably traumatized by the horrors she faced at the hands of the Nazis, which would stick with her for the rest of her life. For her bravery, she received the Medal of Honor for Courage in the cause of Freedom. Dior always looked up to his sister, and named his first fragrance, Miss Dior, after her.

Williams is best known for playing Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, so she has plenty of experience as a feisty, headstrong, independent fighter, and should fit in perfectly here. Williams will soon be seen in another fashion-adjacent role, playing iconic 70s model Jordan in Pistol, the upcoming FX series following Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones during the band’s rise to prominence.


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