Maluma – Mala Mia | Music Video


“This is my life, it’s only mine, don’t live it if it bothers you… I don’t care about what they say.” More or less these are the words of the brand new song by Maluma, who is collecting one success after another with big collaborations and very artistic videos.


Two weeks ago, he appeared in the clip for <"strong>Clandestino“, trapped in a cage, escaping and dancing alongside the sensual Shakira. There is nothing calm about this latest one.


The clip for new track “Mala Mia” starts with the singer half naked, falling asleep in a room full of girls lying everywhere, when a crew of producers suddenly arrives and starts shooting. Then the scene moves to a swimming pool party, where all the girls dance, drink and swim all around the Colombian singer.


The cover of the video was posted ahead the official release of the song, and highlighted some ‘spicy’ comments. It seems like Maluma actually enjoys his time and doesn’t’ care about ll the rumors and criticism.


He has a girlfriend, Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich whom he met during the recording of his music video “Felices Los 4” and is becoming famous worldwide; his hits are big international successes for a still young but promising artist.




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