‘Man Of Steel 2’ Reportedly In Development With Henry Cavill

In surprising news, Warner Bros. and DC are reportedly developing a sequel to 2013 Superman movie Man Of Steel. Henry Cavill, who has since played the character in other movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, is set to return. The studio is currently searching for a writer and director.

It’s surprising because Man Of Steel was director Zack Snyder‘s first film for DC as he was being positioned as their superhero franchise auteur. But a few films later, after diminishing results, his vision was essentially axed in favour of a new direction. So for the studio to now be reportedly returning to his Superman world raises a few eyebrows.

Warner Bros. supposedly has a director wishlist for the film which includes Mission: Impossible guru Christopher McQuarrie. Who knows if he’s interested in directing a Superman movie, but it’s hardly surprising for McQuarrie to be on a wishlist of filmmakers for a movie like this, as he has repeatedly excelled within the big budget blockbuster genre.

This news has also sprung up thanks to the release of Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam movie this week, another DC property. The wrestler-turned-actor has publicly advocated for a Black Adam vs Superman crossover, but for that to happen, Superman has to be a part of the DC plan. Before this report, it was assumed that Cavill was done with the character.

But now there are rumours that there will be a potential Superman cameo in Black Adam. It might be a tactic to boost box office sales for opening weekend, or maybe there’s something to it. Obviously DC are planning to bring back Superman at some point, but if there is indeed a cameo in Johnson’s film, most assume Cavill is still playing the role.

So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Much will depend on how Black Adam performs at the box office, while Warner Bros. are also undergoing a merger with Discovery and have a controversial new boss in David Zaslav, and things seem to be getting cancelled, rebooted, with decisions changing all the time over there right now.

Right now it’s probably safe to assume that nothing at Warner Bros. is set in stone. This weekend might give us a clearer picture.


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