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It all seemed to good to be true. Only last week, rumours circulated that Mad Max mastermind George Miller was to direct the sequel to Man of Steel – now it appears that is not entirely the case. Miller is still rumoured to be directing an upcoming movie in Warner Bros. potential DC cinematic universe, but not the Man of Steel sequel, which has been put on permanent hold by studio executives who previously stated a sequel would arise within the next five years.


The fact they are waiting that long to make a sequel to a hit movie is telling – although Man Of Steel did prove divisive to audiences, with its $668 million worldwide gross considered a disappointment following the multi billion dollar grosses of Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight films, which it was heavily inspired by. Its not like we aren’t getting a continuation of the Superman story, with Dawn of Justice set for a March release, but a standalone sequel seems to be off the cards.


This is very likely due to the box office disappointment of the Henry Cavill-starring The Man From U.N.C.L.E, which flopped a few weeks ago – an outside bet could state this is a subtle spoiler for the outcome of Batman Vs. Superman, although that would pretty much wreck the Justice League movie. As I wasn’t a fan of the brooding, boring Man of Steel, this news isn’t particularly a big deal to me – without a director like George Miller to reinvigorate the franchise, Superman will continue to be cinematic kryptonite for Warner Bros.



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