Manchester Band Rainy Daze Drop Tribute To Bill Withers With ‘Lovely Day’ Cover | Music News


The up-and-coming band Rainy Daze paid tribute to the legendary R&B musician Bill Withers, who sadly passed away on March, 30 this year, as they covered his track “Lovely Day”.


Rainy Daze are a band from Manchester that have been sharing engaging tracks with catchy pop melodies, smooth hip hop beats and delicate jazz instrumental. Among their singles there are “Hold Up” and “Dr. Dreary”.


The band member Sam Robins produced the track “Lovely Day”, playing most of the instruments and recording it, while Tom Rudgard played the saxophone, the rest of the band helped with production and Raine Pitmann is singing as guest vocalist.


Together with being part of Rainy Daze, the producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and DJ Sam Robins is currently working on his upcoming unreleased beat tape, which will also include the newly released version of “Lovely Day”.


In the recent years, Robins has released his debut EP Escape My Head, he collaborated with BRIT award-winning songwriter and producer Guy Chambers and in 2019 he organized a music festival for emerging artists in his native city of Manchester, with his band Rainy Daze highlighting the event.


We are all excited to listen to Sam Robins’ next project, but at the moment you can make sure you check out Rainy Daze’s new track “Lovely Day” as it will surely make your quarantine day a bit better!


Listen to it here:




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