Margot Robbie And Chris Pine Star In ‘Z For Zachariah’ | Film Trailer


The first thing to note in the new trailer for Z For Zachariah is sound. Slow, filtered breathing can be heard over shots of rubble and dark, derelict streets and interiors. In a post-apocalyptic world, we identify a solitary being, covered head-to-toe in protective clothing. Margot Robbie emerges from her protective mask.


The trailer sets up a love story, as the two protagonists work together to create a comfortable life – complete with shots of bright, stunning landscape and sensual two-shots. From the introduction of Chris Pine’s character, there is a change in tone both aurally and visually. We understand that he is not to be trusted. With an intense stare and permanent half-smile, Pine serves to bring mischief and mayhem to the quiet life that Robbie and Ejiofor’s characters have strived to create.


Through a love triangle set in a desolate world of lost hope and destruction, this trailer sets out the expectation of passion and heartbreak; and at the end of the trailer we are left with Robbie’s panicked expression, wondering what choice she has made, and what the consequences of her actions will be.




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