Marie White – I Want To Know You | New Music


Marie White doesn’t wear matching socks. She’s 22, but doesn’t care much about social media. She understands it can be surprising, that she’s a she. But she’s always swimming against the current – even turning down label offers. She became a musician ‘by accident‘, though we believe she was born to be on stage.


After an injury, which didn’t let her pursue career in badminton, Marie found her passion in music. From busking to playing a number of different shows across the UK, from re-working classic tracks to writing her own, she’s finally releasing her debut single “I Want To Know You”.


Her rich and confident vocals, heart-touching lyrics and a professional approach to music proves her to be serious about where she’s going to – meaning, she’s not even close to stopping. Listen to her first single below and make sure you keep an eye on her, because she’s soon embarking on Home Party tour with a band.




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