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The new single “Drowning” is out and is already a success; fans online are getting crazy and so happy that Mario has come back and given us some new good new music.


But the first right question might be: where has he been all this time? He made us fall in love with his unforgettable “Let Me Love You” that could still be a romantic track in your playlists in 2018, but then disappeared. More or less. For those who might have missed it, last year there was “Let Me Help You” out in March. But if you consider that his just announced album is the first after nine years, this is even more surprising.


By the way, what is undendiable is the talent he owns: the R&B artist is able to impress with his vocals and is also a great dancer, as his videos can demonstrate.


“Drowning “is the first single of his forthcoming fifth album, Dancing Shadows, a long awaited project set for release this fall on the singer’s label New Citizen and in partnership with Empire.


About the song, once again love is the focus: he has explained that the lyrics expresses his personal experience to feel love for two different women, and that sensation of “drowning”, as the title says. Hopefully he has recharged his batteries and will go on like this!




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