Married Mark Wright Appears On ‘Take Me Out’ | TV News

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Married Mark Wright Appears On ‘Take Me Out’ | TV News



Former TOWIE star Mark Wright presents Take Me Out‘s spin off show The Gossip; and now he’s set to get a taste of what it’s like to ride the Love Elevator and be confronted with a bevvy of single beauties, when he appears as a contestant on the main show on Saturday January 2, 2016.


Wright is usually a cool customer, but admitted backstage that the nerves were kicking in about his imminent appearance. He remarked: “from the rock bottom of my heart, I am so nervous and this isn’t even for real. I don’t even know how these boys do it. Wish me luck, I’m so scared“!


Wright has been married to Corrie-star and pin-up Michelle Keegan since July 2015, so presumably he received her blessing to take part in the show. Otherwise, they’ll be some awkward conversations in the Keegan-Wright household from now on.



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