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It seems like singer Khalid can’t catch a break these days. After the release of his debut album, American Teen early last year, the 20-years-old crooner is enjoying his well deserved ride to stardom.


Following the success of his album, that gave him worldwide notoriety and two Grammy nominations for ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ and ‘Best RnB Song’, the singer keeps showing up in a bunch of collaborations, including the recently released track This Way featuring H.E.R..


This time the “Location” singer is collaborating with yet another young sensation, Dutch DJ Martin Garrix. The two musicians team up for the single “Ocean”“, a lyrically cheesy love ballad, certainly a step down from Khalid’s previous work.


Despite the mainstream aim of the song, the track still holds some strong spots. Khalid’s impressive vocal range, conveyed both by his ability to sing in falsetto and to reach low notes with the utmost facility, is something to admire. As the song builds up to the chorus, Khalid’s R&B side comes out, helped by Garrix’s slow beat that enhances the American singer.


Overall, in perfect Arctic Monkeys‘ style, I would give a four out of five stars to the Khalid and Garrix collaboration. The two young artists have clearly a summer hits on their hands. The single is a fresh, albeit cheesy, love song that benefits from Garrix’s skillful sound and Khalid’s effortless talent.




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